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Nigerian Scammers Convicted 2022 – Part 4 – Real Nigerian Scammer Names

Nigerian Scammers Convicted 2022 - Part 4 Itemized Nigerian Scammers By Name Criminal Justice Actions - A SCARS Special Report 2022 Was A Good Year For Scam Victims With Nearly 4,000 Nigerian Scammers Convicted The Nigerian EFCCEFCC Economic and Financial Crimes Commission The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud (419 fraud), scams, and money laundering. The EFCC was established in 2003, partially in response to pressure from the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), which named Nigeria as one of 23 countries non-cooperative in the international community's efforts to fight money laundering. The agency has its head office in Abuja, Nigeria. alone convicted 3.875 Nigerian scammers themselves! Other law [...]

Money Mules Initiative by the United States Department of Justice

Money Mules Initiative An Initiative by the United States Department of Justice to Arrest & Convict Thousands of Scammer's Money Mules! The Criminal Justice Process - A SCARS Special Report The U.S. Government Is Cracking Down On Money Mules! What are Money Mules? Money mules are individuals [...]

Cryptocurrency Fraud – Businesses That Appear To Be Engaged In Scams – A Series – May 22 2023

Cryptocurrency Businesses That Appear To Be Engaged In Fraud Reported Crypto Websites - A Scam Victim Alert A SCARS Special Report - May 22, 2023 A Note on Imposters: ImposterImposter An impersonator is someone who imitates or copies the behavior or actions of another. There are many reasons for impersonating someone, such as: part of a criminal act such as identity theft, online impersonation scam, or other fraud. This is usually where the criminal is trying to assume the identity of another, in order to commit fraud, such as accessing confidential information or to gain property not belonging to them. Also known as social engineering and impostors. websites used in cryptocurrency fraud is one of the most commonly reported Investment scams (Pig Butchering scams.) The companies [...]

Walmart Gift Card Refunds For Scam Victims

Walmart Gift Card Refunds For Scam Victims Obtaining A Refund For Walmart Gift Cards Purchased For Scams Money Recovery - A SCARS Special Report Walmart Settles With The U.S. Government Over Walmart Gift Card Scams Walmart Agrees To Refund To Victims Of Walmart Gift Card [...]

Using ChatGPT To Spot Scams

Using ChatGPT To Spot Scams Using ChatGPT AIAI Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. To Spot Scammers Spotting Scammers - A SCARS Special Report OpenAI's ChatGPT Can Be Used As A Reliable Scam Spotter This may be the most important article you will ever read to help [...]

FTC Cracks Down On Fake & Scam Advertising

U.S. Federal Trade Commission Issues Orders to Social Media and Video Streaming Platforms For Scam Advertising FTCFTC The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an independent agency of the United States government whose principal mission is the enforcement of civil (non-criminal) U.S. antitrust law and the promotion of consumer protection. The FTC can also act as a clearinghouse for criminal reports sent to other agencies for investigation and prosecution. To learn more visit or to report fraud visit Cracks Down On Fake & Scam Advertising Regulatory Action - A SCARS Special Report FTC Issues Orders to Social Media and Video Streaming Platforms Regarding Efforts to Address [...]

FBI 2022 IC3 Internet Crime Report

FBIFBI FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States and its principal federal law enforcement agency. Operating under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Justice, the FBI is also a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community and reports to both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence. A leading U.S. counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigative organization, the FBI has jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crimes, including financial fraud. 2022 IC3 Internet Crime Report By the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Presented by SCARS The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation 2022 Internet Crime Report Was Released Each Year The FBI Releases Their Statistics And Information About The State Of Internet Crime This [...]

A Scam Victim That Does Not Report Can Be Arrested

A Scam Victim That Does Not Report Can Be Arrested U.S. Department of Justice Convicts A Scam Victim Scam Victim Crimes - A SCARS Special Report In A Landmark Case Against A Scam Victim, They Have Obtained A Conviction! As We Have Predicted For Several [...]

Romance Scammers – Top Lies They Tell

Top Lies Romance Scammers Tell Insights from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission How Scams Work - A SCARS Special Report New FTC Data Reveals Top Lies Told by Romance Scammers Why Do Romance Scammers Lie Or Tell Stories To Groom And Manipulate Their Victims? Romance [...]

Nigerian Yahoo Boy Introduction Guide (Written By Scammers)

Nigerian Yahoo Boy Introduction Guide Written By Scammers To Lure In Nigerian University Students Presented For Evidence Purposes How Scams Work - A SCARS Special Report Scammer Organizations Recruit New Yahoo Boys To Expand Their Networks Of Small Teams From The Ranks Of Local Universities [...]

SCARS Scam Victim Support Groups

Scam Victim Support Groups SCARS Provides Professional Victim Support & Recovery Groups Free of Cost • For As Long As The Victim Needs Them Scam Victim Recovery - A SCARS Special Report All Scam/Financial Fraud Victims Need Support Unfortunately, studies show that only about 12% [...]

Major News: iSpoof Criminal Platform Taken Down

Major News: iSpoof Criminal Platform Taken Down A Website That Offered Phone SpoofingSpoofing Spoofing occurs when a caller maliciously transmits false caller ID information to increase the likelihood that you'll answer. Scammers often spoof local numbers, private companies, government agencies and other institutions. It can also apply to pretending to be an email address, or through other media. Service! How Scams Work - A SCARS Special Report Global Law Enforcement Scored A Major Win By Taking Down iSpoof Uncovering iSpoof The cybercrime department of the Dutch police says it found the servers [...]

SCARS MOST WANTED CRIMINAL: Jayden Michael Chidozi, Enugu, Nigeria

SCARS MOST WANTED CRIMINAL Jayden Michael Chidozi Enugu, Nigeria Wanted: Jayden Michael Chidozi – approx. 25-30 years of age, operating in Enugu, Nigeria He is wanted for criminal fraud, kidnapping, and capital murder of victim Diane K. Webb, a 70-year-old woman, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, [...]

SCARS Printed Books For Every Scam SurvivorSurvivor A Scam Survivor is a victim who has been able to fully accept the reality of their situation. That they were the victim of a crime and are not to blame. They are working on their emotional recovery and reduction of any trauma either on their own, through a qualified support organization, or through counseling or therapy. And has done their duty and reported the crime to their local police, national police, and on From SCARS Publishing


Each is based on our SCARS Team’s 32 plus years of experience.

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SCARS GREN BOOK - The SCARS STEPS Guide to Scam Victim Recovery

Self-Help Self-Paced Recovery Program Guide


This program is designed to help scam victims struggling to recover on their own and for those who want to understand the overall process. You can be using other resources, such as trauma counselingCounseling Counseling is the professional guidance of the individual by utilizing psychological methods especially in collecting case history data, using various techniques of the personal interview, and testing interests and aptitudes. A mental health counselor (MHC), or counselor, is a person who works with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental and emotional health. Such persons may help individuals deal with issues associated with addiction and substance abuse; family, parenting, and marital problems; stress management; self-esteem; and aging. They may also work with "Social Workers", "Psychiatrists", and "Psychologists". SCARS does not provide mental health counseling. or therapy, qualified support groups, or completely independent – on your own!

The SCARS Steps program is a complete program and is provided for the purpose of helping scam victims to overcome this experience. Throughout this SCARS Steps Program, we speak about issues and challenges that a victim may have and help guide them through their recovery. But each person is different and it is important to understand your own reasons for being vulnerable to being scammed.

After the trauma of being scammed, you need to take steps to recover and move on. This may be an alternative to counseling in the short term, but we still encourage you to seek out professional help & support. Throughout this SCARS Steps Program, we speak about issues, challenges, defects, or problems that a victim may have in a generalized way.

The SCARS GREEN BOOK will help you recover from your scam offline and it will always be there when you need it!

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SCARS SLATE BOOK - A Guide For Families & Friends Of Scam Victims

SCARS SLATE BOOK – Let Us Explain What Happened!

A Guide For Families & Friends Of Scam Victims


This SCARS Publishing book represents a complete guide to help the families and friends understand how these scams work and how to help the victim.

The SCARS Slate Book should be purchased by family and friends to better understand what happened to the victim and the traumatic impact on them. But it can also be shared by the victim so that they do not have to explain to family and friends about the scam. This publication is to help others to help Scam Victims to make it through this traumatic experience and recover.

Each person is different and it is important to understand how relationship scams work and why people are vulnerable; to being scammed, how they were lured in, then groomed and manipulated. This understanding is essential in helping them through the process of ending the scam and then on to recovery. The SCARS Slate Book will provide the information necessary to help support a victim through this process.

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SCARS RED BOOK - Your Personal Scam Evidence & Crime Record Organizer

Your Personal Scam Evidence & Crime Record Organizer


Helps you get and stay organized. This publication is to help Scam Victims organize their crime information. Complete this information before reporting to the police then bring this book with you

Before or after reporting to the police the RED BOOK gives you a dedicated tool to record all the essential facts of this crime. The Victim, the Scammers, the Money, and your Police interactions. Everything that really matters can be easily recorded for your immediate use and for the future!

As we have seen, money recovery/repayment programs can become available years after the scam ends and you need to keep all the details of this crime in case it is needed. We have also seen scammers being extradited to the U.S. and other countries, this will help in the event you testify or give statements, Additionally, this helps you have your information ready to qualify for victims’ benefits, compensation, or aid.

The Official SCARS RED BOOK is your way of recording all the important facts of this crime so that you do not lose essential information, Complete the RED BOOK then put it away with the confidence that you will have it if or when it is needed.

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SCARS BLUE BOOK - Survivor's Recovery Journal
SCARS LIME BOOK - Wisdom & Motivation for Scam Victims
SCARS CHERRY BOOK - A Guide To Understanding Your Fear
SCARS WORKBOOK - 8 Steps To Improvement
SCARS WORKBOOK - Understanding Self-Blame, Guilt, and Shame
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