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The Juju Curse

When you get scammer emails...The SAKAWA JUJU SCAMMERS CURSE! After you get tired of their BS, and want to give a good final reply, remember that these are very tribal & superstitious scammers!The best way to [...]

KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Maheeda – An African Scammers Favorite

Do You Know Her? Maheeda Nigerian Singer & Model You Have Probably Seen Her Photos Before! Maheeda Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course you don’t really know Maheeda, since these [...]

Daring Scammer’s Paradise: West Africa

West Africa Scammer’s Paradise Knowing Your Enemy Is Your Best Defense! West Africa, also called Western Africa and the West of Africa, is the westernmost subregion of the African continent. West Africa has been defined [...]


West African Scammers Code Name:  Gifty We present a new selection of Scammers using the Code Name Gifty   Remember these photos were stolen from real people!  Some are famous, some porn [...]

God Fearing!

Are You God Fearing? Would you ever say it in a Dating Profile? Yet West African Scammers say it ALL the time. Here’s a perfect example of a Scammer at work: […]

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