SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Nigerian Man Sentenced To Jail

It Was For Running A Scam Instagram Business Page

Nigerian Man Sentenced To Jail For Running A Scam Instagram Business Page  - SCARS™ SCAM NEWS 2

According To The Nigerian press:

Social media has been used as a platform by many entrepreneurs as a means of getting their good and services to a wider audience. While many business owners have used the platform to run honest business, it is the complete opposite in the case of this Nigerian man.

A man who has been identified as Afolabi Ojo has been caught up by the law for running a fraudulent business page on Instagram and scamming unsuspecting customers. The man who had operated a fashion store on the social media platform called Best classic store was sent to jail after being convicted on a one-count charge that bordered on false representation and obtaining cash on the basis of false pretense. The man who had initially pleaded not guilty eventually changed his plea to being guilty on an amended one-count charge.

In a court sitting at the Federal High Court in Osogbo, Osun state, Justice Maureen Onyetenu convicted the man and handed him a six months jail sentence from the date of the conviction.

Ojo had also been made to put down an undertaken where he was charged to return the sum of N45,000 that had been falsely obtained from his unsuspecting victim under the guise of his fake fashion store.

The man had previously involved in an alleged case of internet fraud, after he was petitioned sometimes in June 2017.




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Nigerian Man Sentenced To Jail For Running A Scam Instagram Business Page  - SCARS™ SCAM NEWS 3


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