Don’t Fall for Valentine’s Day Scams

Beware of Valentine's Day ScamsValentine's Day is the peak of the Romance Scam season!Scammers will turn on the charm and try to get you in any way possible! Valentine's Day Scams Coming Up!Yes it is almost that time of year againIt's time to watch out for what arrives in your inbox even more than usual!Reprinted from the Huffington Post, by Jason AldermanOn Valentine's Day, people's emotions run all over the [...]

As Valentine’s Day Approaches, BBB Says Beware Catphishing Scams

Happy Valentine's Day As Valentine's Day Approaches, BBB Says Beware Catphishing Scams Catphishing is a common romance scam, that usually leads to the victim sharing personal information or sending money directly. The Better Business Bureau explains that catphishing involves a scammer pretending to be someone they are not on an online dating site or social media. The scammer will usually ask to chat with their victims using an outside email or messaging service so as [...]