Don’t Fall for Valentine’s Day Scams

Beware of Valentine's Day ScamsValentine's Day is the peak of the Romance Scam season!Scammers will turn on the charm and try to get you in any way possible! Valentine's Day Scams Coming Up!Yes it is almost that time of year againIt's time to watch out for what arrives in your inbox even more than usual!Reprinted from the Huffington Post, by Jason AldermanOn Valentine's Day, people's emotions run all over the [...]

We Had A Good Year

Thank You To Our Visitors We had a good year and helped over 300,000 visitors! That's a lot of victims and potential victims we helped along the way! We started offering our advice and counsel several years ago through other websites and forums, then in 2013 we launched and your response has been amazing!  With over 300,000 visitors viewing our work, we thank you for your support.  In the coming year, we pledge to [...]

Did You Know? The Business Of Dating & Scams

The Business Of Dating & Scams AS VALENTINES DAY APPROACHES SPOKEO REVEALS 71% OF AMERICANS ARE WILLING TO RESEARCH THEIR DATES OR POTENTIAL DATES TO FEEL SAFER 71% of Americans are willing to do their research to feel safer about someone they are in a relationship with, or considering a relationship with. The numbers are pretty similar for those willing to pay for research (35%) and those who only use the tools that are available [...]