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The Victim Trap – Meeting Strangers In A Strange Land!

A SCARS Special Report

Many scam victims compound bad decisions with more bad decisions, such as traveling to meet a scammer.

Have Them Come To You!

Why Victims Place Themselves In Danger?

Scam Victims Believe So Strongly In The Scam That They Are Willing To Go To Africa

Traveling To Meet Your Scammers Can Literally Be A Death Sentence!

Sadly, this is the darkest side of the romance scam addiction – traveling to Africa and losing everything, in some cases even their lives. Also, it tends to affect seniors 10 to 1 more than any other age group.

So many Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, English, and others live in such a bubble of civilization that they have little actual awareness of how dangerous the world really is. It’s one thing if you are an experienced international business person, or a tourist heading to a resort destination, but something else entirely if you simply go on your own to mee