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SCARS™ Scammer Methods: The Questions – A Scammer’s Primer – Part 2

Scammers Have A Variety Of Guides They Follow To Learn And Expand Their Knowledge Of Scamming

They use these guides to learn how to engage their victims and create moments to deploy hooks to begin the capture process.

After their initial hello, they begin an interrogation process to both learn about the victims and to create vulnerabilities. They are then better able to apply their manipulation techniques to dominate their victims.

In this series, we will be presenting excerpts from such scammer guides to help you recognize common styles and patterns that scammer use on their victims.

The following was design to scam women, but the same questions can be applied to men.

From One Of Their Guides – Unedited:


This is about keeping up with her (build that comfort with her before preaching love)

Step 1 === online experinces

  • How long have you been using this platform? So tell me something, how are your experiences so far on Dating Websites been with Men Online
  • I am new here, registered a week ago, and so far my experiences has been Terrible. I find most women are looking for sex only.
  • No one is really looking for a Relationship. I have been single for 3 years now. And it took me so many years to find myself and to realize what it is I’m looking for, I want a soul mate that will take her time to know me and Love me for who I am and not what have.
  • Though I have some weird experiences with some woman, but I believe there’s a Good Woman out there for me, I have the courage that I will find the woman whom I which to spend the rest of my life with. I do believe in soul mates. I have seen people that have found theirs and live very happily with them and I have decided a while ago that I would never “settle” for anyone less than my soul mate. I am here because I know life is not all about me.” That is why I decided to join that site, because I am hoping to meet someone nice enough to share life’s simple pleasures with. I hope to find someone I truly connect with. Someone who likes to laugh and have fun, but can be serious as well. I am looking for someone that will be my best friend and more. Someone who has my best interest at heart because I will have hers. It would be great if I could talk to her about anything.
  • Where originally are you from? And where do you live now
  • I’m originally from Scotland . I base in American, My Dad was born and raised in Scotland. While My mom was from Dublin
  • What’s your present Marital Status, do you have kids?
  • I am a widower. I lost my wife through Maigrain a serious headach 3 years ago. I was emotionally devastated when my wife died, but I stay firm and strong for my beautiul daughter lisa…
  • What do You think about A Distance Relationship?
  • I think when Two People are strong enough, they can make anything Work out, but it does take much understanding and Patience, This is how I feel, I would swim a Thousand Rivers and Climb a Hundred Walls just to be with the Person I Love
  • Are you willing to relocate if you find your soul mate?
  • For me it depends on my soul mate; If she willingly wants me relocate to Her Home, its okay with me, but if she likes to relocate to my Home that will be fine so long as we stick together as ONE, Perhaps she might want us to Buy another Home, it fine as long as she’s the happiest Woman on Earth
  • What’s your religion?
  • I am a practicing Catholic. If you are, that’s great, but if you are Lutheran or Anglican, that works too! After all, I like to focus on what we have in common, not our differences.
  • Are you a God fearing woman?
  • I am a God fearing man, I do have my Christian faith to credit for my life, attitude and success; however, I don’t use the name of God to attract women for my character speaks for itself. I am not the type of man who is focused entirely on himself.
  • What are Your Hobbies?
  • I enjoy, cooking, swimming, and reading, walking on the beach, fishing, camping, scrabbling, playing checkers and seeing good comedies. I love the outdoors mountain biking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, outdoor photography and also spending some time out with my friends and also my son.
  • What’s Your Favorite color?
  • My favorite colors is white sign of purity, peace & nobility.
  • How often do you like to go out; I mean going partying?
  • I do not go out often that much ever since, I lost my late wife, because going out alone seems not enjoyable to me, so the few time that I go out must be with my kids and I will be looking forward to go out with that special lady someday.
  • So tell me how big is your family? I mean how many brothers and sisters you have? What about your parents? Dad died when I was just a kid, My Mom raised me up as a single Mom, she passed on May 12, 2001. I’m the only Child of my Parents, Chloe and Oshyn are the only close family I have got at the moment, they’re my best friend, sister and everything to me.
  • Do you seek for a particular age before coming into online Dating? How old are you?
  • I’m 50 years old. I do not seek for a particular age, because I feel age is numbers, you do not know where love can hit you up from. It can be someone younger than you or perhaps older than you.
  • How many relationships have you been into before you came into online dating? I had three (3) deep relationships in my life; The first I had was when I was still a teenager with a girl named Amber, we were both attending the same school in London, she was from Milan, then we used to see each other everyday, helping one other with our assignment,
    unfortunately after our final exam at high school, she told me that her parents will be leaving London back to Milan and she was going with them also, I felt like wooh!!!, that means that you are going to leave me, she said she does not know what to do, so they left I was really unhappy during that period. The second was with my late wife and was my longest relationship, we were married for 17 years, I met her at my home town, Queens, New York. After her death I stayed a year and 5 months alone were I had a very special lady Named Ana; she was from Wyoming, I thought I was going to get married to her. We stayed 3 months together and I later found at that she was lieing and has been cheating on me, so I had to brake up with her and it hurts so much and so bad. Since then I have been single and I decided to come into online dating and find my soul mate.
  • Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship? Cheating and lies made my last relationship ended. I am a very comprehensive person. When there is something wrong with my relationship, I don’t fight, and be hysterical, I like to talk. A better conversation is always the best solution for everything, but of course with every experience you learn more how to deal, and always there is something new for you to discover.
  • What attracts you to a man? Truthfulness and respect. I’m not after physical apperance, but I value good characters, It really makes me get closers to a person inside; I do considers that more important because beauty fades with time but the person inside appreciates with time. I go for the inner beauty, it radiates and it speaks for itself over
    time and for a woman like you who is family oriented is an added advantage to me.
  • What are your likes and dislikes? I like real things; I like honesty, truthful, caring and obedient person. I dislike dramas, cheating, lies, disrespect, racist & Betrayal. I want someone that will love me for me, regardless of age, distance, language barrier, cultural differences or material purpose. Because I do believe love knows no barriers and is the conqueror all things.
  • So what do you expect from me? I want you to treat me right, be truthful and honest with me, because I do believe in the Gospel truth and that’s what I want. A long term
    relationship with someone like you… I want to feel true love and happiness with you and share everything with you based on Love, Trust & Understanding.
  • What are your goals or dreams in life? Thanks for trusting me enough to tell me your DreamI , I’m sitting here starring all over thinking how you got such a Beautiful dream… My
    goals and dreams in life is to be with the woman I will love forever and live happily with HER forever.
  • What motivates you? I’m motivated by life itself, because life is what you made it. I love all that life has to offer.
  • Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs? I am a normal guy; I do not take drugs to keep me on track. I had never smoked in my life neither used drugs and never pretend too, because it’s not for me. If I drink alcohol; well I drink socially, if I go out with some friends and they are drinking something light its okay.
  • So tell me; what is your favorite food? My favorite