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SCARS|RSN™ Scam Basics:  Scammer Grammar!

Originally Published January 2010 – Updated April 20, 2019

One of the easiest ways to spot scammers from Ghana, or Nigeria, etc. is their use of language.

Introduction To Scammer Grammer

They have learned it is better to steal information from others – to steal profile text from real people. Or to use the chat session scripts they buy – but eventually, they may have to modify them or go off script.

But the messages are the dead give away.  They are written in what we call “Ghanenglish!”

Here are the keys to spotting “Ghanenglish”:

  • Lower case i’s

  • No spaces after a comma or very inconsistent spacing

  • Odd capitalization of keywords they think make a difference – like bait to a fish

  • Odd phrases & bad grammar  – nobody talks like this unless they are from West Africa:

    • your searching criteria
    • thanks for your time
    • loving young lady
    • God fearing lady
    • nice to read from you
    • average body type
    • all of these much be
    • describe my self as I would describe myself   [maybe this was Austin Powers?]
    • very charming woman
    • I value the laws of ethics
    • lighthearted lady
    • all of these much be in a relationship to make it grows
    • keep in a good shape
    • Seeking for truelove
    • I’m not thePhysical beauty for the Inner Beauty Count much as chemistry
    • I am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love
    • i want you to email me to my address and i will respond back to your mail there
    • a years young female
    • a woman with good personality
    • i will like to be your friend for now if you don’t mind
    • I am not a promiscuous woman
    • am not here for play or game
    • am not a fake person and am not a scam am not like that type of woman that lie and cheat on man
    • important in life of every happy family
    • I have no options than letting you Know
    • my Private mail
    • no scion-economic Barrier
    • compassionate Woman
    • hard working and God fearing woman
    • Your profile sparkle my interest   [must be from Donny Darko]
    • have you been commited in a strong relationship before
    • what you like
    • Are You There Well
    • I’m new to This web
    • through my serious search
    • hello,good morning,how was night
    • ,am also in search for a serious relationship too
    • I am new to this online dating
    • Anyway i will like to know
    • if we have a great chemistry
  • Improper Tenses: