SCARS™ Scammer Methods: A Scammer’s Primer – Part 4

A Guide To Help You Better Understand Why Scammers Do What They Do!

Based Upon Actual Scammer Training Guides

The Distance

Scammers Have A Variety Of Guides They Follow To Learn And Expand Their Knowledge Of Scamming

After the early stages of the process, the scammers step up the storytelling and manipulation. This phase is about cementing the feelings and the idea of a relationship.

After their initial phase, they step up the storytelling process to both further create vulnerabilities and begin to maintain control. This is where their manipulation techniques dominate their victims.

In this series, we will be presenting excerpts from such scammer guides to help you recognize common styles and patterns that scammer use on their victims.

The following was designed to scam women, but the same scripts can be applied to men.

Note that you will see considerable Scammer Grammar in these – which we have left as-is for your benefit. This is also just one variation of their storytelling, there are almost as many variations as there are scammers – but you will recognize enough common elements to see their patterns.

From One Of Their Guides – Unedited:


I wish you were here to see how excited i am to received your message, i really felt so good. You are such a nice beautiful woman whom i would like to get to know .. Well, i am just a very caring man and i do really like kids alot because they are God gift from the heaven so parents are to do anything to make them happy and be a very good child,i hope you won`t bother about the distance between us, distance does not matter in a relationship, what really matter most is the HEART and FEELINGS and distance is only there for us to get toknow each other much better before getting to meet each other in person then see how things develop. Well, i really would like to get to know you more and sometimes chat with you then see how things may work out.

By the way, What kind of dates do u prefer??Well as for me i prefer private dates, with my woman and myself alone. I guess i like the private moments when we can share intimate
things. Talk about plans, desires, feelings. As I said before, I’m quite physical. I love to hug and touch and be touched. I love to show affection to my woman and i love it when she’s very affectionate with me. I love women and i always desire to respect them. When i have been with a woman, i have never taken advantage of them unless they do took advantage of me. Even when they want me to be physical with them, I always want only to honor and respect them.When i find the woman who i feel is my soul mate, i look forward to when we can spend time alone, cuddling on the sofa, watching tv/films. Making out, caressing and kissing. I can’t wait to have sex with my future wife. I am a sexual person and i love the thought of being intimate with her in every way. I want a wife who feels the same way. Who has the same sexual appetite as i do and desires to be as intimate as i do. But all of this must be within the context of a relationship. So i will protect the sanctity of my future marriage. It doesn’t matter to me if my future wife has a sexual history. As far as I’m concerned, when we marry we start from fresh. Her past is not of importance to me.Can you tell me more about yourself??????.Well am really looking for a long term and serious relationship,I need a woman that will love me for whom i am,Make me happy again..Am also gonna show in a lot of caring ways in return,Am new on this dating stuff and i really hope i can make som,ething real with you and leave this internet stuff soon….I’m honest, faithful, caring, respectful, responsible and witty. I like having fun and laughing.I like most kinds of music, except rap. I also like to sing karaoke for fun. Other interests include drawing, writing poetry, reading, art, museums,concerts, camping,
hunting and fishing. I don’t watch much TV, but I do like a good happy ending movie now and then, (but not at a walk in theater).I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and do a lot of yardwork and remodeling myself. Will even help work on cars. I don’t care for sports much, but don’t mind if a woman likes them if it doesn’t take much time away from us

I don’t like head games, lying, cheating, abusers or fighting. I don’t like being around people who are drug users and those who make a habit of getting drunk. If someone doesn’t have the respect to be faithful to the one they are with, than get rid of them first. There are no excuses for cheating!I believe that just because I think I’m right, doesn’t necessarily make the other person wrong.. Being mean and name calling isn’t part of my life.. I’d rather turn my back on all that drama than live a miserable life. I am not bitter about any past relationships and do not believe in bringing them into a new one What makes you laugh, smile, and cry???? Crazy funny people. Sarcastic people like Dr Cox on Scrubs. I love his character. I love intelligent comedy like political satire. I love Robin Williams, Jim Carey and Mike Myers. They crack me up so much. I love watching those home video clips of kids doing hilarious funny things. Kids make me laugh. The things they say. You never expect it.What makes me cry, I’m always moved when i see scenes on tv between parent and child when they are struggling or dealing with the relationship. my personality type tends toward being outgoing. People would most often describe me energetic, loving,caring, extremely emotional, bubbly, understanding, very supportive, very caring and warm, very passionate and loving,i dont drink nor smoke,i am not into any kind of drugs as well,i like to hang out and have nice time with my partner,I love to bowl, though I haven’t done it in years and shoot pool, play cards, just cruise on a beautiful sunny day,I love the water and one day hope to be blessed to have a home on the water.I love to cook and play video games with my mother and sometimes we swim at the pool in the evening…..and sometimes we ride on our four wheeler..I am a channel surfer,I like csi any cit discovery,tlc anything that has to do with motorcycles.I also like a few reality shows, american idol so you thing you can dance the news sometimes.anything funny or something that will atleast make me smile. I like to smile, it makes me feel better,I am a CSI, Law and Order Special Victims,Criminal Intent and the 4200. I also love Smallville,I like We Were Soldiers,Indepenance Day,Lord of the Rings, All the Mummys, Resident Evil 1 and While you were sleeping, Jerry Maguire, Jumanji, I guess i could keep going but I think I could go on for a while,I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite musicians songs are Chris Tomlin, Dave MatthewsRobert Kelly and Eminem…

i have only been in relationship with Danielle she is dead, i love and she loves me too i really miss her…I am seeking for a long term relationship with Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me,i am looking for someone to love as well, Capture my heart,Someone kind and affectionate and believe in romance…A real person, who likes themself and is comfortable with who they are, even if not where they are,i am seeking someone who can keep up with me, challenge me and inspire me. And who is intelligent, has ideas, may be creative and has needs and/or expectations to be fullfilled,I am looking for my soulmate to share lifes dreams with, someone who still believes in romance,fun,and is a true gentle woman at heart do you think we are seeking for the samething in a relationship?

i do think that we are seeking for the samething well lets see where it will lead us to……i wanted to get to know you more about you that was the reason i messaged you,i am not a guy that use and dump women no no no i am a very faithful and Godly man,i know how to handle my woman heart and keep it safe in other not to miss it,so i know how to handle my woman just the way people handle Golds and fragile items,i expect what i give out to my woman in return

Now the scammer is solidifying the relationship!

These are directly from one of their guide books that they copy and paste in messages to new prospect victims.

The above was unedited. We did not change the grammar or the punction – bad though it is. You can see it is full of scammer grammar!

You will notice that it is full of local (African) phrasing and terms. If you look carefully you can spot them, with lots of Scammer Grammar.

The major issue you will notice in this is how the questions are designed to “groom” the victim into specific directions – trusting the scammer, the scammer’s interest in business deals, and violating that trust. This helps set the stage for the scammer to leverage that grooming process with Amygdala Hijacks, and the full-scale gaslighting-style manipulation and control.

If you are not a native English speaker you would not notice the odd phrasing of many of these questions.

Keep an eye out for any of these, assuming you are still talking to strangers! Just remember, that ANYONE that contacts you directly that you do not know or have a prior affiliation with is going to be a scammer!

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