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SCARS™ Regulate Social Media: Facebook Being Stupid Again!


All of our authenticated pages have lost our gray checkmarks removed on October 29th due to a change in Facebook operations.

The gray verification badge on Facebook was introduced in 2015. Businesses or organizations with the gray badge (a gray circle with a checkmark) were able to request a badge for their Pages. The gray check next to the business name means that the business or organization was confirmed as authentic by Facebook.

Requesting a badge required verification steps completed with Facebook, and upon review, the checkmark was added to the Business Page Account, directly next to the Page name.

However, Facebook actually stopped posting these (showing them) on newly Verified pages quite a while ago – so most SCARS page verifications did not show.

However, now Facebook has removed all of them that did show.

“Based on feedback, we’re removing the gray badge and focusing on other ways for businesses to show their authenticity on Facebook,” said a Facebook spokesperson, as reported by Marketingland.

Now you cannot tell the Verified Pages (such as SCARS pages) from the Fake ones!

Yes, this makes things so much easier!

Thanks, Facebook – NOT!…

Facebook continues to show disregard for their users and businesses. It is for these reasons why social media needs to be fully regulated

It is for these and an almost unlimited number of other reasons why SCARS continues to advocate for large scale regulation of social media to force these companies to act responsibly and fully consider the consequences of their actions.