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RSN™ Special Report: Being An Internet Troll Can Send You To Jail!

RSN™ Special Report: Being An Internet Troll Can Send You To Jail! Harassment Online Is A Crime In The United States Being An Online Hater, Troll Or Bully Is A Violation Of U.S. Federal Law. It is important to understand this as many people believe they can get away with anything online and especially on Facebook. Updated October 2018 Being An Internet Troll Can Send You To Jail! Under United States Law - Title 18 [...]


ABOUT ANTI-SCAMMERS ONLINE AND IN SOCIAL MEDIA For 26 years we have been attempting to help others be aware of and overcome scams. We were founded by the cofounder of several major online businesses, such as TigerDirect, and through those lenses he saw the initiation and evolution of online scams. Over the years, we became increasingly aware of how similar, and actually identical, being a scam victim was to being a drug addict. [...]

The Purpose Of An Anti-Scam Group

ROMANCE SCAMS NOW EDITORIAL What is the purpose of an Anti-Scam Group? In order to effectively combat online fraud, it takes more that hostility and hate. It requires change. The vast number of anti-scam groups post scammer photos exhaustively. Unfortunately, the posting of scammer photos has little real value in avoiding scams, and does nothing to prevent the unsuspecting from being scammed. This has been done for more than a decade, and year after year [...]

RSN Defamed

Romance Scams Now™ Goes Forward With Law Suits Against Internet Trolls A year ago we tried a crowdfunding campaign to increase our staffing. It was not successful, but someone went absolutely nuts over it and began attacking us constantly. It really comes down to them being a one man group with no real credentials and it's really professional (or the lack thereof) jealousy. Ethics play a big role in what we do, but not everyone [...]

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