What is the purpose of an Anti-Scam Group?

In order to effectively combat online fraud, it takes more that hostility and hate.

It requires change.

The vast number of anti-scam groups post scammer photos exhaustively. Unfortunately, the posting of scammer photos has little real value in avoiding scams, and does nothing to prevent the unsuspecting from being scammed. This has been done for more than a decade, and year after year scamming has doubled each year. It is mostly a focal point for victim’s anger and rage against scammers.

Some groups (such as Internet Valkyrja) do a good job of educating people who are already victims, about how to avoid them in the future. Since many victims become victimized multiple times, this education is vital and should be applauded. Online fraud is far more complex that most realize, including the countless non-professionals that claim to be experts. This may be hard to hear, but being a victim is far from a qualification.

Victim’s assistance and support is claimed by many, but only one group is doing it lawfully, but SCARS is developing both standards & certification processes, as well as training programs so other groups can provide compliant support for victims. There are already a large number of processionals and volunteers that have the training and experience to properly help victims both recover from their scam, and move on with their life. Amateurs can be well intentioned, but can do more hard if they are not trained and skilled. After all victim new real help.

Unfortunately, too many groups are managed by individuals who themselves have been damaged by scams and express themselves through their hate of both scammers and anyone who gets in their way. These groups willfully violate international law by acting as bullies and stalkers, harassing the lawful providers of assistance to victims that help save lives every day. For too long this was tolerated, but now a consortium has been formed to identify and address these abusers directly by working with government.

Everyone is completely free to chose who they associate with or where they seek help, but always be aware of the professionalism or the lack of professionalism in these groups. Rage fuels too many anti-scam groups and gets in the way of real progress for so many. It is for these reasons that many countries have enacted both professional standards and compliance regulations for the assistance and support of victims. Publishing a group on Facebook does not mean that they are qualified in any way.

At least SCARS operates independently of these petty squabbles and has achieved significant success in areas of law enforcement reform and support, as well as having a seat at the table for governmental policy reforms.

Our organization thanks all of you for your help in educating others, and we will continue to do our part to be a stable voice and participant in the ongoing change that is already showing results.

John Hull,
Staff Member & Employee,
Romance Scams Now