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One of the things that happens from time to time are that we receive FALSE REPORTS!

These happen for a variety of reasons: Stalkers & Haters that deliberately use our reporting process to hurt another person; Angry victims that overreact to honest people; Friends that do it as a joke; and many more.

In all cases, it is despicable and can lead to serious consequences.

We are legally protected because of the U.S. Communications Decency Act, which protects us from user or visitor created content. But it still is not right, and we investigate and respond as rapidly as we can.
When we receive a claim of a False Report we investigate the matter. We look at the kind and completeness of the information provided by the person that reported the scammer. We also look at the information provided by the person that claims it was a false report.
Literally 10 times a every hour, we receive emails from scammers claiming they are being wronged and are going to sue us, threaten us, or are telling us about their dead grandmothers and how we are hurting them. We get death threats from scammers and haters all the time. We even had a person arrested last year who said she was sending a bomb to us.

BUT we do get real people falsely accused, and we take our responsibility incredibly seriously!

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