(Last Updated On: December 30, 2017)


One of the things that happens from time to time are that we receive FALSE REPORTS!

These happen for a variety of reasons: Stalkers & Haters that deliberately use our reporting process to hurt another person; Angry victims that overreact to honest people; Friends that do it as a joke; and many more.

In all cases, it is despicable and can lead to serious consequences.

We are legally protected because of the U.S. Communications Decency Act, which protects us from user or visitor created content. But it still is not right, and we investigate and respond as rapidly as we can.
When we receive a claim of a False Report we investigate the matter. We look at the kind and completeness of the information provided by the person that reported the scammer. We also look at the information provided by the person that claims it was a false report.
Literally 10 times a every hour, we receive emails from scammers claiming they are being wronged and are going to sue us, threaten us, or are telling us about their dead grandmothers and how we are hurting them. We get death threats from scammers and haters all the time. We even had a person arrested last year who said she was sending a bomb to us.

BUT we do get real people falsely accused, and we take our responsibility incredibly seriously!

As a participant and co-designer of the SCARS Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network™, reports entered onto our website also are reported through the network. This is a good thing, but when there is a false report the amount of effort to remove them is HUGE! We have to follow the data and either remove it or report the malicious report to all the entities that have received it.
Fortunately, the number of false reports is incredibly small, about one a month – far less than 0.01% So it is not a problem out of control, but none the less, it is a responsibility that we take seriously. When someone does a false report, they are committing a criminal act themselves, and we support the person wronged with any criminal complaint that they make. We have provided affidavits to law enforcement against the people that filed the false report, and in the case of a Danish stalker/hater resulted in an arrest. We also ban such people from our website and Facebook pages.
Filing a report is vitally important, since for the first time in 10 years, the number of new scams is going down slightly, but make sure you are both doing it for the right reason and right about the person you are reporting. This is a responsibility we all share. So many anti-scam groups not only refuse to remove any false reports, but demonstrate no concern over the possibility of errors or false reports – what they don’t know is that they become personally liable the minute they refuse to resolve these. That is one of the differences between RSN and all the others, we are a real company with an in-house legal counsel, so we do our best to both remain within the law and be a good global citizen working to help everyone!
We thank all of you for your continued support, and ask that you continue to report scammers on our website www.RomanceScamsNow.com, on the SCARS site www.Anyscam.com, or on the many Facebook pages that have reporting forms. Your reports are making a difference, regardless of how difficult Facebook is about them. Google is adding every report to their listings, plus they are distributed throughout the web to spread the word.
All of you that report scammers (instead of just posting photos) ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Keep up the good work!
John Hull,
Staff Member,
Romance Scams Now
Doral, Florida, U.S.A.