Fake Reports

Scammers Are Trying A New Tactic!

Important: Scammers Are Trying A New Tactic! Scammers are reporting victims as scammers on anti-scam websites. Since we have the largest scam reporting network on Earth, scammers are attempting to compromise us and other websites with bogus reports against real people. To temporarily control this, we have turned off the display of all scammer data on our websites pending a thorough clean out. You can still report scammers on www.Anyscam.com and here www.RomanceScamsNow.com, but you will not [...]

False Scammer Reports

FALSE SCAMMER REPORTS One of the things that happens from time to time are that we receive FALSE REPORTS! These happen for a variety of reasons: Stalkers & Haters that deliberately use our reporting process to hurt another person; Angry victims that overreact to honest people; Friends that do it as a joke; and many more. In all cases, it is despicable and can lead to serious consequences. We are legally protected because of the [...]