Important: Scammers Are Trying A New Tactic!

Scammers are reporting victims as scammers on anti-scam websites.

Since we have the largest scam reporting network on Earth, scammers are attempting to compromise us and other websites with bogus reports against real people.

To temporarily control this, we have turned off the display of all scammer data on our websites pending a thorough clean out.

You can still report scammers on and here, but you will not be able to see the reports temporarily [we will have this clean up and countermeasures ready by the end of July].

We encourage everyone to be Googling their own names frequently to see if you are affected by this, particularly on websites that never review reported scammers.

We have received thousands of false reports and it will take us time to sort these out as well hold off future false reports. This is a massive task. Plus we will have to add means to prevent or minimize this in the future.

This was a brilliant strategy by the scammers as it creates chaos, confusion, and liability for publishers if we do not stop this.

Unlike Facebook, we take our responsibilities very seriously and have acted to stop this abuse.

We will, however, continue to aggressively report authentic scammers across the SCARS Network to governments, law enforcement, other websites and social media.

Just remember to Google yourself right now, and do it weekly just to make sure that you have not been erroneously reported someplace.

We thank you for your patience in letting us resolve this.

RSN Team