Psychology of Scams: When Panic Sets In

Psychology of Scams: When Panic Sets In You just found out about your scam, what happens next can lead to panic! After a Scam Stability Can Be a Rubberband! After the scam, a typical victim is in shock, but denial quickly sets in. But if it is not brought under control then panic can be the result! Everyone understands grief, but scam victims are frequently in shock after [...]

A Scam Victim’s 7 Deadly Sins

A Scam Victim's 7 Deadly Sins After a scam, bad decision making continues and leads many victims in directions that may feel satisfying but delays or avoids recovery. Originally Published April 2019 - Updated January 2021 When Scam Victims Turn To The Dark Side WARNING: Just because you are a scam victim does not make you an expert at cybercrime nor will it instantly make your decision making [...]