The True Cost of Scams by PJ Rohal

The True Cost of Scams by PJ Rohal Fraud Professional Presented by SCARS What Is The True Cost of Scams? By PJ Rohal, Fraud Market Expert | Co-Founder at About-Fraud | Mental Health Advocate The following commentary if from one of our SCARS Advisors that works tirelessly to stop fraud in the banking industry. He is mostly speaking to his industry, but it is important that consumers, and especially scam [...]

Crime Pays – A Guest Commentary by Brett Johnson

Crime Pays by Brett Johnson An Ex-Cybercriminal Kingpin Turned Good Guy! Guest Commentary Presented By SCARS Criminals Do What They Do Because It Pays! SCARS NOTE: From time to time we will publish important information to help victims & the public understand that cybercrime does not happen in a vacuum. It happens because of the neglect of industry and our governments. Elections have consequences and who we choose can [...]