Crime Pays by Brett Johnson
An Ex-Cybercriminal Kingpin Turned Good Guy!

Guest Commentary

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Criminals Do What They Do Because It Pays!

SCARS NOTE: From time to time we will publish important information to help victims & the public understand that cybercrime does not happen in a vacuum. It happens because of the neglect of industry and our governments. Elections have consequences and who we choose can radically affect the overall enforcement of our laws, and even the law themselves. We had a period of serious crime reduction, which has now ended and new crimes & victims are exploding worldwide. This was chosen by votes. Unfortunately, there is only so much that can be done to prevent crime when politicians strip away enforcement and legal tools, instead to focus on other issues. As a nonprofit, we are prohibited from lobbying government directly for the changes we need, we can only advise & inform. Please remember that in your future elections.

SCARS is an organization that listens to many voices and has a unique Advisory Board of individuals from industry, government, and even ex-criminals that help us see the world as it is and help guide us in our plans for a better future. Brett John is just one of the SCARS Advisors – you can find a list of our Advisors on our corporate website (those that are able to be displayed publicly are about 25% of the total.)

Guest Commentary by Brett Johnson

According To One Of Our SCARS Advisors – Brett Johnson, A Reformed Cybercriminal …

Secret Of The Day? Crime Pays.

I am not supposed to say that.

It’s the Dirty Little Secret no one wants spoken — Say it out loud and more crime will happen?

I doubt it.

Crooks already know it pays. Got 16 year-olds on Telegram pulling $70k a week on Unemployment Fraud. Another guy over there made $100k profit in a week doing refunds. Those aren’t outliers. That’s the norm.

Crime Doesn’t Pay? Are You Nuts?

Back in my day I stole $160k a week cash. Guys are much more profitable now.

Ask the guys holding you ransom [ransomware] if crime pays.

If crime didn’t pay there wouldn’t be millions of cybercrooks out there committing it.

Want to hear another secret?

Crime pays for the Good Guys too.

Yeah, I’m not supposed to say that either. But if crime didn’t pay for the Good Guys then we wouldn’t have 7000 security companies out there with many of them valued at over a BILLION DOLLARS. If Crime didn’t pay you wouldn’t see all those cybersecurity budgets and law enforcement budgets going toward it.

Crime pays for everyone.

Well, except for the victim. That’s the one place crime doesn’t pay.

Wreck someone’s credit, clean out their retirement, put them out of business.

Or maybe tell some poor sap your tool is the only one they need to protect them from all those untouchable Nazgul Hackers.

Yeah, Crime doesn’t pay so much for the victims.

Was thinking it would be a nice place to live where everyone profiting took a moment to consider those losing and acted accordingly.

Then I remembered this is the real world and that ain’t gonna happen.

Oh well. Was a nice thought for a second.

Thank you Brett for saying what needs to be said!

SCARS Note: Crime Pays For Politicians Too!

But you already knew that right? Next time you vote be sure to ask yourself which politicians benefit from higher crime rates? If you look carefully, you will see many do!

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