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Romance Scam As Internet Infidelity

If Your Are Married & Involved In A Romance Scam It Can Dramatically Affect Your Marriage

Romance Scam As Internet Infidelity

One Of The More Devastating Aspects Of Romance Scams Is How Often They Destroy Marriages

Infidelity Online

One of the things we have observed over the 30 years of our experience, it how often we hear about romance scams where the primary victim is married.

In other words, a man or a begins an online relationship and it develops into a full-scam romance, then they discover it was a scam and a fraud. Yet, in the process have destroyed the bonds with their real spouse.

Sadly, there is no reset button that can be pushed to return everything to where it was before.

How Does This Happen?

We have all been there. Wandering around online and we connect with a new person that seems interesting.

In the early days of the Web, it was all about making friends and connecting with new people around the world. After all, that was the promise of Facebook to bring the world together!

Seemed like a great idea, except that the big t