™ Insight: The Young Nigerian Women Scammers

Here Is The Face Of A Young Woman That Has Become Involved In Scamming

She is young and lives in Nigeria. It is obvious that she has been pulled in by a boyfriend, and suffers significant self-esteem issues (per her posts).

She is a member of the “ITZ” organization of thousands of scammers

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help people like this. Our only option is to have them arrested and thrown in a hole – a Nigerian prison – from which they will be condemned by Nigerian society forever.

But in its own way, this is a tragedy also. Good people pulled into this life of crime, destroying lives for fun and profit – or maybe because they were also manipulated by someone they trusted. Of course, we all know that you have to choose to be a scammer, it is not forced on anyone. And as we have seen by our contacts with ex-scammers they can also choose to leave it.

However, this girl is doomed, just as her victims will be damaged. Each side of the coin – one side a criminal forever, the other side (hopefully) a scam survivor forever.
Something we often lose sight of is that it takes two people (minimum) for there to be a scam. We are not sympathetic of the scammer’s condition – people choose to be criminals, but it is tragic regardless – for everyone.

Here is the link to her facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/biliki.saka

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