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SCARS™ Insight: Money Recovery – What Is Real & What Is Not! [UPDATED]

This article is going to force you to look at some very blunt and harsh truths …

Money Recovery Services Are Not All Real – One Is, Most Are Not!

Scammers know you. They know that when you are the victim of a Romance Scams and lost money that you are going to be desperate to get your money back – to recover it.

The problem is that once it is in the scammer’s hands it is gone for good! Unless there is an option to get it back from Western Union or other transfer businesses.

It will be laundered or hidden or invested in other things. Even if the scammers are arrested in Nigeria, or Malaysia, or the Philippines, or wherever – the local governments will keep any money they seize.

But there is one money recovery company that is now SCARS Approved – click this link to visit our corporate website to learn more ::

LAST YEAR – 2018

Over 21,000+ scammers were arrested worldwide, plus the United States arrested and deported another 10,000+. However, none of their victims received any money back. It was just kept by the agencies and governments that arrested them.

Holding Out Hope Is Natural But Not Always Real

Holding out hope of recovery is natural. During the early stages after your scam, you are desperate, you have not yet fully accepted what has happened to you. There must be someone that will help you, someone that will save you! The police must be able to do it and then you find they (in most cases) cannot. You then turn to groups online to save you – someone must know how to do this, but they don’t.

Arrests are possible in specific cases but money recovery almost never is unless it is done by someone fully verified. It is just something you have to confront and accept for your own sanity.

It is just not real in most cases. It is just like the hope that you had when you believed the romance scammer’s stories and lies about your future together.

Being Scammed Again And Again

Scammers know that if you were scammed once that you are highly susceptible to being scammed again and again. The information about victims are placed on lists that are bought and sold from scammer group to group just like telemarketing list. They know that if they can hit you at the right time with the right pitch you will give them more money.

Money Recovery scams are just another type of scam that scammers push down onto unsuspecting victims on their list.

After a romance scam, scammers will frequently try additional scams, such as:

  • Investigative scams to get your money to investigate and arrest your scammers
  • Money Recovery scams to help you get your money back, and others.

But they are just scams. There are NO companies that can get your money back reliably. It is just more lies!

There are almost no victims that ever get their money back. Notice that we did not say never, because in simple fact some victims did get their money back, but it took us years of searching to find a real money recovery company that SCARS could trust.

Western Union and MoneyGram

Yes, the United States Federal Trade Commission has settled with both of these companies to refund money back to victims. This is real and ongoing. The Western Union Program is refunding money to victims who lost money before February 2017, and MoneyGram is still pending.

In these programs, you had to or will have to apply for the refund and they will be managed by designated law firms. You will find information here on our website or on the website about these programs.

Remember, there is no cost to apply for or receive your money under these FTC programs.

However, there is now a new Western Union recovery program approved by SCARS – here »

Money Recovery Scams Constantly Pop Up

From time to time we see posts and comments from scammers or their Mules making it look like it is easy. You just hire a company and magically your money is returned making you whole again. You pay a $1,000 or more and poof, instant recovery, except it is just another lie from a scammer. This is a fantasy. All it is is yet another way to scam you out of more money when you are most vulnerable.


Here Is An Example Comment From A Scammer About Money Recovery:

I have an advice to you all, STOP BEING A VICTIM TO ALL THIS ROMANCE SCAM. I am saying all this because i was once a victim to a romance scammer who played with me emotionally and ended up making away with my $125,000 in sum. I was so confused on what to do until my boss referred me to a recovery agency. They helped me get my lost funds back. Thanks to kingrecovery01 at gmail dot com who guided me step by step until i got all my money back

Scammers buy and sell lists of victims for exactly this purpose (or worse). Please do not fall for this!

We Cannot Stop You From Believing In Yet Another Scam!

After all, just look at how many victims join fake or amateur anti-scam groups on social media.

We can only present the factual information in the hope that you have learned enough to recognize the truth when you see it.

We hope you do!

We wish you all the best and hope you do not fall for another scam or hold out the delusional hope that somehow someone is going to save you. The world just does not work that way.

At this stage what you should focus on is your own emotional recovery and that requires acceptance of what happened and what your situation really is. We can help you with that, just let us know – we offer real professional SCARS Approved Scam Victims’ Assistance and Support Groups.


The good news is that SCARS – the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. has spent the last year working with one of the world’s largest and most successful money recovery companies to develop programs specifically for romance scam victims – as well as for other types of scam victims too.

SCARS verified the legitimacy of the company and its past track record in recovering money for the victims they have served. Everything we saw was positive.

To learn more about this REAL Money Recovery Service Provider click here to visit our SCARS Corporate Website :: »


New Western Union Money Recovery Program Approved By SCARS

New Western Union Money Recovery Program Approved By SCARS


SCARS Official Money Recovery Partner

SCARS Official Money Recovery Partner



SCARS the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated


A SCARS Division
Miami Florida U.S.A.



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FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & scammers, even though there is nothing (in most cases) that they can do.

Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

  1. Local Police – ask them to take an “informational” police report – say you need it for your insurance
  2. U.S. State Police (if you live in the U.S.) – they will take the matter more seriously and provide you with more help than local police
  3. Your National Police or FBI « »
  4. The SCARS|CDN™ Cybercriminal Data Network – Worldwide Reporting Network « HERE » or on « »

This helps your government understand the problem, and allows law enforcement to add scammers on watch lists worldwide.

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