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SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Risk To Victims Is Increasing

Victims Are Ever More At Risk Of Prosecution And Litigation Over Their Silence And Failure To Report Their Scams


You may not have known it but more and more victims are being held accountable for the scams they are engaged in.

This almost always applies to those that DO NOT REPORT scams but are discovered as a part of a police investigation.

This is an important distinction and why we always recommend reporting these crimes to your local police, so you are on record as a victim and not an accomplice.

Individual scam victims can be tried under money laundering laws – because in simple fact almost all lie to their bank or money transfer agency claiming they personally know their scammer (the recipient) when they do not. This is money laundering and wire fraud.

Scammers that use unsuspecting MULES place them at risk because they are an unwitting accomplice to the scammer’s crimes. Especially if they find out and never report the scammer! Many of these have been prosecuted over the last year – prosecutors are losing patience with MULES especially that do not come forward and report these scams so they can be stopped early. They can be charged with a large number of crimes and face the complete loss of everything they have if they do not come forward and they can also face civil litigation as well from the other victims they helped to defraud.

Business scams increasingly place the employee or officer that triggered the scam or attack at risk. Employees that did not report or tried to hide their involvement can and are being sued by their employers, and god help a subcontractor who has an employee that triggered a scam or other attack that resulted in losses for their clients.

As You Can See, Scams Are No Longer Something That Victims Can Hide From In Denial

We live in a digitally connected world where everything has a trail back to you. You can deny it but eventually, there will be an investigation that leads back to you. How you initially reported the crime or not can be the difference between you facing charges or just being a witness against the scammer and their accomplices.

You now have a very clear choice: either report the crime or face being labeled a criminal yourself! Turn over the information to your local police and the FBI (or national police) or incur the liability that comes from trying to cover it up!

Yes, just doing nothing can be considered “Obstruction of Justice” depending on the case and circumstances.

Reporting The Crime Is Not An Option, It Is Your Duty And Obligation!

The 95% of victims who did NOT report their crime are directly responsible for the growth of scams. It is not too late to change this and report yours. Plus it will help you overcome the guilt that comes from silence.

What would you rather have? A sword hanging over your future? Or a report on an event in your past that releases you from guilt?

Remember, we are only committed to telling you the truth, not fairytales! Sometimes the truth is brutal but it is still something you need to hear and internalize. You need to understand the consequences of your actions, not just from the scam but afterward too!


The Next Victim Prosecuted Or Sued Could Be You!


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