SCARS Commentary About Helping Victims

SCARS Commentary About Helping Victims Our Team Members Are Only Human Too. A SCARS Commentary About How Hard It Is To Help New Victims In Complete Panic One of the very hardest things for us is trying to help a relationship scam victim in a complete panic. When a victim is in so much panic that they cannot listen to any guidance, and will not tell us the [...]

A Scam Victim’s 7 Deadly Sins

A Scam Victim's 7 Deadly Sins After a scam, bad decision making continues and leads many victims in directions that may feel satisfying but delays or avoids recovery. Originally Published April 2019 - Updated January 2021 When Scam Victims Turn To The Dark Side WARNING: Just because you are a scam victim does not make you an expert at cybercrime nor will it instantly make your decision making [...]