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Personal Opinion vs. Professional Fact

Personal Opinion vs. Professional Fact WARNING: This will often you - if you think you know something that you don't! Opinions are like relatives, everyone has them! Just think about your crazy uncle and his opinions! This article is intended to help victims understand their own misguided opinions and how other amateurs can steer them in the wrong direction. Every Scam Victim Has Opinions But opinions are just [...]

SCARS Commentary About Helping Victims

SCARS Commentary About Helping Victims Our Team Members Are Only Human Too. A SCARS Commentary About How Hard It Is To Help New Victims In Complete Panic One of the very hardest things for us is trying to help a relationship scam victim in a complete panic. When a victim is in so much panic that they cannot listen to any guidance, and will not tell us the [...]

Scam Victim Rescue

Rescuing Victims From Scammers Let's talk about rescuing victims This post is dangerous if done in the wrong way. If you follow this process it can help people - if you don't you can make things worse. We are trained victim's assistance & support professionals and registered as a Victims Assistance & Support Organization, but we can't be everywhere and see everything. So we need your help. If you are going to do [...]