Rescuing Victims From Scammers

Let’s talk about rescuing victims

This post is dangerous if done in the wrong way. If you follow this process it can help people – if you don’t you can make things worse. We are trained victim’s assistance & support professionals and registered as a Victims Assistance & Support Organization, but we can’t be everywhere and see everything. So we need your help. If you are going to do this, follow our guiadance.

This applies mostly to Facebook and other Social Media.

When you find a scammer, there are people there – they are commenting, and maybe have the scammer as a friend. Clearly they believe the scammer is a real person.

These are the Prospects & Victims.

What can we do to save these people?

This is a very delicate moment.

You all know that scammers are real. But it is like telling your parents about the ghost in the closet when you were a child.

Not everyone is ready to listen.

As a responsible person, you want to tell them that they are making a giant mistake with this person (the scammer). This person is fake, a scammer, and dangerous, But why should they listen to you? Remember all the boyfriends or girlfriends