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A Nigerian Scammer Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

A Nigerian Scammer Gets Arrested [VIDEO] Here's What The Nigerians Think Nigerian Pastor arrested in Bangkok for Internet Fraud An Actual Thai Police Video - All The Excuses Scammers Make When They Are Arrested! Enjoy, and please tell us what you think? Please note that the quality is poor, but you'll get the idea! See More SCARS Videos on YouTube TAGS: [...]

ALERT : New Scam Targeting Scam Victims

Last Updated on December 30, 2017 by SCARS Editorial Team

A New ScamScam A Scam is a confidence trick - a crime -  is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their trust through deception. Scams or confidence tricks exploit victims using their credulity, naïveté, compassion, vanity, irresponsibility, or greed and exploiting that. Researchers have defined confidence tricks as "a distinctive species of [...]

Americans Lost US$781 Million To Nigerian Scammers!

Last Updated on December 30, 2017 by SCARS Editorial Team

African Scammers Have Partners In The U.S., Canada, and the U.K. AMERICAN VICTIMS OF NIGERIA’S INTERNET FRAUDFraud In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain (money or other assets), or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud can violate civil law (e.g., a fraud victim may sue the fraud perpetrator to [...]