Romance Scams NewAfrican Scammers Have Partners In The U.S., Canada, and the U.K.


Nigerians in the U.S. are engaged in scams as this story clearly details.

Today we spoke with the author of the article below to confirm his experience, and explore the nature of the ex-patriot Nigerian Fraudsters operating from within the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

He confirmed that he had been a victim of a Nigerian team operating from Washington, D.C. and the U.K.

They targeted him, and he lost over $2,000 in the process.

In an ironic twist, he received very little support from Federal Authorities, including Bank of America (in BofA’s case because they feared the liability that could come from supporting him in the recovery of his money).  Liability is also the thing that holds back other money transfer services from supporting victims of scams – that and the profits they make off of these frauds (just look at WesternUnion, who is pocketing Millions off of African Internet Fraud every month).

When he originally published his article, he was seeking other victims to enter into a class action lawsuit, but since NO ONE CAME FORWARD, he is following actions separately against the scammers listed in the article below.

It is clear to us, the Dr. Fayemiwo is an articulate, well spoken, professional who was taken in because the scammers were operating from within the U.S.  This is a man who had endured political repression in his native Nigeria, and fled with his family to the U.S., only to become the target of a different kind here.  He is also an accomplished author, and we suggest you might visit his website at

[which is clearly not a scam].

Dr. Fayemiwo is the perfect example of an honest immigrant to the U.S., who did all the right things, and was still victimized by his own countryman.  This was something he left Nigeria to escape, and yet found and victimized him her.  We sincerely hope he prevails against his scammers, and that his may become a “blueprint” for how other victims can take action against their scammers.

Article Reprinted from “The Nigerian Voice”



By Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo, Ph.D.


The insidious activities of Nigerian Internet fraudsters and online scammers might appear to have decreased as a result of public awareness and media campaign against the scumbags, but their activities have not let up. According to the latest figure for 2013 released by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation -(FBI)- Internet Crime Complaint Center, 262,813 victims lost over $781million to fraudsters that year. The fraudsters’ Internet scams included such schemes as confidence get-rich-schemes, bogus lottery winnings, romance scams, real estate scams, wire fraud, counterfeit check schemes, credit card and false inheritance schemes.

Most of the victims — about 90 percent — of the popular Nigeria 419 fraudulent schemes are Americans.

But it now appears that since many potential victims are aware of their nefarious activities the international fraudsters have changed their modus operandi. Their latest trick now is using financial institutions b ased here in the United States. Instead of sending their bogus letters and email messages from locations in Nigeria and Africa and other far-flung lands, these international fraudsters have franchised in Europe, Canada and other Western nations, thus giving a veneer of trust and respectability to their fraudulent schemes. It is time for the American victims of these scammers to fight back now that these thieves appear so audacious as to operate in plain sight using our banks and financial institutions right here in the United States to fleece and defraud innocent, hard-working and unsuspecting tax-paying American citizens.

If you have been a victim of any of these Nigerian Internet fraud elements and made payments into any of the Bank of America Business Account Numbers listed below, please get in touch with me immediately:-

U.S. Scammer’s Bank Accounts Per Dr. Fayemiwo

Name of Bank: Bank of America
Holder’s Name: Chika Odimara
Account Number: 9450505250.

Name of Bank: Bank of America.
Holder’s Name: Divine Access Venture Inc.
Account Number: 334020042396.

Again, if you have received any of those bogus letters or email notifications from those fraudsters and international scammers engaged in the so-called Nigerian international fraudulent schemes about phony lottery winnings, inheritances, romance scams, Internet wired fraud etc. and made a payment (or payments) into any of the account numbers listed above with the Bank of America, please get in touch with the undersigned below.

A law firm in the United States is planning a class action law suit on behalf of victims of Nigerian fraudsters, who have been duped by such fraudsters who use accounts held in banks and other financial institutions based here in the United States.

Please kindly come forward with information and join us in fighting back.


Email: moshoodfayemiwo @

We wish Dr. Fayemiwo every success in his upcoming lawsuit, and if you have been similarly victimized, suggest that you contact him.

Tim McGuinness, Ph.D.

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