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A New Romance Scam – Fake Psychologists & Therapists!

Scammers recognize that scam victims are traumatized and now want to capitalize on that!

Now We Have Fake Psychologists, Counselors, & Therapists!

SCAM WARNING: No real psychologist or other mental health professional is going to contact you unsolicited on social media or by phone!

As SCARS continues to focus on the wellbeing and emotional care of scam victims, the scammers have seen an opportunity!

A BBC article spells out the problem:

Mental health and scams: ‘I’d have paid anything to make me feel better’

Emma Quinn was at her most vulnerable when a so-called psychologist contacted her on offering to help.

As someone with bi-polar disorder, the 28-year-old was in a manic phase when a woman offered support.

“At that point I would have paid anyone any sum of money to make me feel better,” she said.

That sum turned out to be £6,000 and it would take Emma two years – and a great deal of stress – to get the money back.

Now a charity is calling on the government to protect people like Emma, claiming its plans to legislate on online safety ignores the scourge of scams.

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute sai