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SCARS|RSN™ Guide: Dehumanization – How Scammers Can Do What They Do To You!

Dehumanization Is The Viewing Certain People As Less Than Human Or As Objects To Be Used Or Manipulated

‘Less Than Human’ is the Psychology of Cruelty

Dehumanizing is one of the more serious aberrations of human psychology. It allows us all to perform the most unspeakable acts as though they are nothing because we are doing them to others who are not like us, who are less than human.

We all do it in one way or another. When we talk about another political party we may call them insane, when we call scammers names such as “animals” or “monkeys”, when spouses abuse their partners verbally by putting them down, when parents berate their children, when employers put down their employees; these are all forms of “Dehumanization.” This is also what allows scammers to view their victims as objects to be manipulated because their victims are not human to them – not even their own family members are human to some of them as evidenced by the atrocities that ritualist Yahoo or Sakawa perform.

Scammers view their victims in a variety of ways: as “Colonialists” or as “Stupid Fools” who give away their money, or any number of condescending terms that dehumanize their victims. Scammers can do what they do because they do not view their victims a