Nigeria’s EFCC Will Pay Million Bounty On Yahoo Boys!

Fake News / Urban Legend!

Sorry, it is NOT True – a SCARS Insight

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FAKE NEWS: For The First Time, Nigerian Declares All Our War Against Yahoo Boy Scammers!

The Nigerians Are Not Willing To Make Informants Millionaires If They Identify Online Scammers Or Fraudsters!

Of course, this is just another Nigerian Urban Legend! According to SCARS sources in the EFCC: They are NOT using the money they have seized from scammers to do this.

We applaud the idea but would like to see that money returned to the victims of the criminals they have arrested. Until the removal of the previous director, SCARS was in dialog with the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria to do just that and to develop a program for victims’ notifications. Unfortunately, with the change in management, those discussions were suspended awaiting new opportunities.

In A Statement Released Today, The EFCC stated:

Scam Alert: EFCC Not Offering N1m Reward to Yahoo Yahoo Informants

EFCC Press Release

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission wishes to inform the general public that it has not issued any notice in the social media promising financial reward for anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of a Yahoo Boy.

This clarification became necessary following phone calls by citizens wanting to cash in on notices in the social media by fraudsters promising a reward of One Million Naira (N1, 000,000) for friends, family and relatives of yahoo boys who hand them over to the EFCC.

The promo with #Efcc and #beagoodcitizen states, “If you have a Yahoo Yahoo boy as Family, Friend or Relative, Kindly hand them over to us, and get a Massive reward of 1million naira.”

The Commission wishes to state that this message is alien to the EFCC, and members of the public are enjoined to disregard them.
Promoters of the hashtags are currently under surveillance and every efforts will be made to bring them to justice.

While the Commission welcomes information that could lead to the arrest of cybercrime suspects, it has no policy of financial reward for such informants. The fight against corruption and other forms of economic crime is a patriotic duty and Nigerians are encouraged to embrace it with altruism.

The whistle blower policy of the Federal Government which the Commission is among the agencies saddled with its implementation, is applicable only to public sector corruption.

The public is warned that, the Commission will not be responsible for anyone who falls for this obvious scam.

It Is A Great Idea, But Currently, The EFCC Just Sits On The Money It Seizes.

Hopefully, in the near future, the EFCC will listen to the cries of victims and adjust its policies. In the meantime, at least they are diligently working to break their record for the number of arrests.

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