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More Philippines (Filipino) Scammers 

We present a new selection of Scammers from the Philippines 

Philippines Love Scams

After Ghana and Nigeria, the Philippines is the largest source for Dating or Romance Scams.  The worst part is that these are real people, not using fake photos or profiles.  They simply want you to support them, and they will tell you anything to get your money, but it’s always based in part in the truth, so it makes it harder to spot.  When considering dating someone online from the Philippines, before sending money, do a background check – there are several good services that help with this.

Remember these photos were NOT STOLEN – THESE ARE THE REAL PEOPLE! 

Why do they do it?  

Here are the Top Reasons Why Filipinas (women from the Philippines) Scam Online

If you are involved in the online dating scene and considering trying to court a Filipina girl friend then you should read this before you proceed.

With their beauty and sweet loving nature, it’s clear to see why so many westerners (Europeans, Australians, Canadians etc) would pursue a Filipina.

But there is a HUGE dark side to the Filipino dating sites. The Filipino dating sites are infested with gold diggers and scammers. While all dating sites have them, Filipino/foreigner dating sites have A LOT more than average.

Here are the top 8 reasons why Filipinas scam foreign guys:

Because they can!

Helen Balacayo

Helen Balacayo

  1. Materialistic: It’s the little things that brighten a ladies day: A new purse, new sandals, a good lunch. Once they have a taste of regularly getting nice things, its hard to stop. Its easier to find a western man online who will give them the money than it is to get cash from anywhere else. So sometimes they scam a guy online JUST for getting their hair and nails done, or a nice dress or for some piece of jewelry.

  2.  Family/Parents/Relatives: Most of the Filipino families don’t discourage daughters from getting money online (until they get caught, then it’s a scandal). In fact, they may even encourage them to get more from scamming. Much of the the money that comes from scams goes to the family’s basic needs, such as food, electric and other bills that are supposed to be responsibilities of the parents to take care of.

  3. Poverty: The first things you may notice if you actually go to the Philippines is that its overcrowded and very poor. There are few jobs and too many people. The utilities and bills are much higher than the average Filipino can afford. Due to so much corruption within the government it seems like the poverty will be permanent. Poverty is one of the main reasons for the amount of scammers in the Philippines.

  4. Children: What greater reason to scam than to get money for milk or food for their children. If your child had nothing to eat, do you think you would do whatever it takes to feed them? How can you tell who has legitimate problems and who is lying? You cannot. Especially not online.

  5. Pleasure: Some of the Filipinas find it a pleasure, a joy to be able to scam guys and get big amounts of money with a very little effort.  They lie until it finally becomes a habit. A habit which they cannot stop unless there’s no more pitiful guys that they can fool. For them, it becomes a boost to the ego to trick guys. Its exciting to meet new people and scam them.

  6. Education: College girls need money for their school fees, tuition and books. Since they hear a lot of stories of what other women are doing, they are inspired to do the same since it is easy. What else can be a better way to get money than to scam!?

  7. Filipino Boyfriends: Most Filipinas doing romance scams on the dating sites HAVE a Philippines boyfriend. They use the money from the scam to feed their boyfriends, go shopping, clubbing with friends or outing. The sad thing is the guy online getting scammed thinks that he is the only one in her life, but in reality, there’s another man pimping in background.

  8. Influence: Generally, most of the people in the Philippines do not find it an offense to scam guys online for money. When girls talk about it, instead of disappointment, they are amazed that Filipinas get so much money out of it and so they spread the word and inspire other women to do. it.

Its unfortunate that because there are so many Filipina scammers, Filipinas have a growing reputation in the west as being all about money and scamming. This makes it that much harder for overseas Filipino workers to get visas to work abroad, because they are questioned on their intentions of leaving the Philippines. It affects the GOOD Filipina fiance who falls in love with a westerner because the family of the westerner will question her legitimacy too.

Of course, its not ALL Filipinas that are scamming on dating sites, but its definitely many. Its hard to identify who is real and who is fake. Some of the filipinas you will talk to are more focused on money, most are just lying scammers, and very few are interested in an actual relationship that is not about money, but knowing each other deeper.

At least half of the population of these women are already in a relationship with a Filipino boyfriend or another foreign guy. Still others have recently broken up with a Filipino boyfriend, but still have attachment to him. Also, many are not even women, but like Ghanaians are really men that pretend to be women.

DO NOT give money to someone on dating sites. If these people want money they should go to a charity site. Sometimes Filipino/foreign dating sites are more like a corner with beggars than a place to find love.

If you are serious about finding love or a wife, FILIPINAS (they say) make the BEST wives. They have many good qualities that a man wants. But finding the right one for you takes a long time with luck, just like any other dating site.

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Update on professional romance scammer Veronica Aspe. She numerous accounts on facebook. Shane Aspe Valdez Veronica Aspe Veronica mataaspe Currently she is using facebook to contact and communicate with new man. She operates also on LINE under the name mveronica She has numerous skype accounts She lives in Olongapo. She is going to Subic Bay on Weekends to get white tourist Sunday she goes to Subic Bay and gets hotel room and stays at the pool trying to get white men. I gave her golg heart necklace which she sold for cash. Really professional romance scammer. Goes by nerous variations… Read more »
Be very careful about Maveronica Aspe (Maria Veronica Aspe). She played her scam for over 7 Months with me. Getting over 4 thousand dollars or more. When she saw she could not get a lot money she dumped me but offered friends with benefits open relationship. I went to philippines and her friends for benefits was her prostitution way of making money. She charged me 3500 peso to go to Manila from Olongapo and she got 5000 peso from me to go back to Olongapo from Manila. To find out the. Is cost only 250 peso and taxi she had… Read more »
I was scammed by a person called maveronica Aspe (Maria Veronica Aspe) she was on DIA, Skype (multiple accounts), and facebook under the name Shane Aspe Valdez. After one week on DIA she was shaking her phone and say it did not work well and we would not be able to continue talk but she had no money to buy new phone. I was very interested in her and asked her how much the cell phone costs she picked the most expensive samsung cell phone. Like an idiot I got her the phone. But it continued with paying her rent,… Read more »
Glenn Badcock

I think I am being scammed by a Phillippean woman goes by the name Helen Limas from Maasin city Southern Leyte. It started out just talking then it got to sexual video. I found out I am being recorded. She ask me for money. She as a 2 year old boy and said she is single. I have sent her money over the last few months. If I can’t send money she don’t talk with me on messages. I meet her on Facebook.

Philippines dating

I feel the need to limit with the number of websites. The more it gets created the more its complicating things. I am now scared to share any of detail cause of that.