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SCARS™ Scammer Gallery: Accra Ghana Internet Cafes

Ground Zero In The War On Scammers

Internet Cafes in Western Africa – These are a few of the many where scammers go to work!

We list them here, not to promote them – they don’t need our help for that – but to draw international awareness to the problem.  Each of these locations has IP addresses, that we are working on getting, and when we do, it actually would be easy to block them by the dating sites.  Of course, they go through proxy servers too, but many times they do not.  It is a starting point, in how we can ultimately hold the dating website operators accountable for their failures to police their profiles.

Also we have found a connection between some scammer phone numbers and the phone numbers of the Internet Cafes, so we list those as well, so they will show in Google searches.

Yes, even Vodafone profits from African Scammers!

Cyber cafes in Ghana can be found in the smallest of villages, however, the speed of connection is mostly under 56K, i.e. slow. Faster Cyber Cafes can be found in Accra. Ratings are from visitors of a Ghanaian website.  Of course, speed is not so important to the scammers and is one of the reasons they seem to respond slowly, but they don’t care, rarely do they use Skype or Video Chat.

It is important to know that the entire Internet Industry in Ghana profits from Dating and other Online scams!

Even though the Cyber Cafes post rules about scamming, it is all for show.  The fact is they all benefit from the money that flows from scamming.  It is considered a profession now and admired!

Ghana Internet Cafe Photo Gallery

A Photo Tour Of Some Of The Place Where Your Money Goes!