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 Scammers By Name: Sherry – Cheri

Romance & Impersonation Scammers Use A Broad Range Of Names But They Are Also Creatures Of Habit!

Many times, individual scammers will choose specific names and use them over and over. This can give you an advantage.

Scammers Named: Cheryl & Sherry & Sharon

We present a new selection of Scammers using the names: Cheryl, Sherry, Sharon, Sheron, Cherise, Shae, Sherinda, Shelly, Sheila, Cherry, Cheri

Remember these photos were stolen from real people!

Do you know any of these Sherry girls?

If you find other Scammers by these names please report them on!

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fake Cheri dating scammer women in the comments below?

If you find other Scammers by these names please send us their photos!

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