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Yuliana Avalos: Have You Seen Her? Another Stolen Face / Stolen Identity

Stolen Identity / Impersonation Victim: Yuliana Avalos Have You Seen Yuliana Avalos? Adult Model/Entertainer & Impersonation Victim Yuliana Avalos Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner In her own words, she describes how scammers are using her photos: Of course, you don't really know Yuliana Avalos, since these are stolen photos used by African Romance Scammers, but she is popular! If you see her photos on social media or on a dating site - guess what?  They [...]

An Example of How Scammers Use Emergency Scams

An Example of How Scammers Use Emergency Scams Scammers employ an emergency is the trigger to get you to send money! They can begin as small emergencies, such as needing a phone card or other small item - this is part of the manipulation. But it progresses to larger and larger amounts of money. The Emergency Scam Is The Most Common Scammers use the emergency scam approach, with [...]

SCAMMER: donn0 – Donnie Morgan –

donn0 – Donnie Morgan – Texas Scammers Are Tough! This one is a Texan Scammer from Texas United state of American This Romance Website Scammer Is: donn0 (We don’t know either)Donnie Morgandonniemorgan0094444@yahoo.comAustin, Texas, USA […]

ROMANCE SCAMMERS: Yet More Scammers!

An Assortment Of New Faces Here is a gallery of new and familiar faces we have found – Romance Scammers All!   Mostly from Ghana, and other parts around the world! Remember, these are not photos of the scammers, but photos the scammers have stolen! […]


vickysawyer1@yahoo – photo stolen and used by scammers Welcome To The Yahoo Girls Over time the African Scammers have developed such a devotion to Yahoo, one their gangs was been called the Yahoo Boys (before the Benin Police arrested the lot of them!).  So we think it is appropriate to dub these ladies (though [...]

SCAMMER: Patricia Keene (yummybaby111) Austell, GA, USA / Nigeria

SCAMMER: Patricia Keene (yummybaby111) Austell, GA, USA / Nigeria Nigerians Are Certainly Wordier Not to mention major Bull Sh$t Artists! This Romance Website Scammer Is: Patricia Keene, Austell, GA, USA / Nigeria […]

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