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Real Scammers Gallery #41865 – SCARS|RSN™ Faces Of Evil

SCARS|RSN™ Faces Of Evil: Real Scammers Gallery #41865 The Following Are 60 Real African Scammers That Have Been Identified Through The Research Of Our Gifted Volunteers! WARNING: VIEWING THESE FACES MAY BE UPSETTING TO RECENT VICTIMS - DISCRETION IS ADVISED Each is an identified real West African scammer/fraudster. Each one of these uses hundreds, if not thousands, of fake identities. Local African authorities do not need the fake identities to track them down, they just [...]

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: Ghana Sakawa Boy Scammer Caught

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: Ghana Sakawa Boy Scammer Caught Ghana Sakawa Boy Scammer Caught At Gomoa Cemetery Exhuming Skull & Bones According to GhanaWeb: Ghana Police announce the arrest of a Sakawa Boy scammer who had in his possession human skull and parts exhumed from Gomoa cemetery. The Awutu Breku District Police Command grabbed 23-year-old Samuel Dzamesi for possessing human parts Saturday 18th August 2018 at Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba. Sakawa boy caught at Gomoa Cemetery exhuming skull, [...]

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