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California Scammiest State In Nation

California Scammiest State In Nation [Infographic] Relationship Scams Now Estimated To Exceed US$700,000,000,000 Romance Scam Losses in California U.S.A. USD$450,482,128* In One Year 2018 California Reports: Nearly Half a Billion Dollars in losses from romance scams in 2018 alone for California! *Note: that is just what was reported to the police! Since only about 3% report these crimes, then the real total could be 30 times greater - over $15 Billion for California alone! That [...]

How Do You Stop Scams?

How Do You Stop Scams? THE SCARS THREE STEPS TO STOPPING SCAMS: 1. Don't talk to strangers online - in other words: recognize the risk Something as simple as just accepting that there is a constant and real danger online will help you be aware and be more careful. 2. Report every online crime that involves money - everyone! This is so governments prioritize. This also empowers victims. And on the SCARS|CDN at Reporting [.