How Do You Stop Scams?

How Do You Stop Scams? THE SCARS THREE STEPS TO STOPPING SCAMS: 1. Don't talk to strangers online - in other words: recognize the risk Something as simple as just accepting that there is a constant and real danger online will help you be aware and be more careful. 2. Report every online crime that involves money - everyone! This is so governments prioritize. This also empowers victims. And on the SCARS|CDN at Anyscam.com Reporting [...]

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM!

The Keys to Motivating Yourself After a SCAM! Recognize that you were scammed. Admit it. Say it out loud! You were scammed! Don’t be ashamed. Accept that you were manipulated. They used you against yourself. They got the better of you! You gave them your money. You sent it to them willingly. It is never coming back! Accept that. They are beyond your reach. They live in countries across the ocean. You can’t get them [...]