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Be Smart And Stay SafeAS WE HAVE SAID MANY TIMES - AVOIDING SCAMS IS ALL ABOUT COMMON SENSE.SO HERE ARE THE STANDARD TIPS AGAIN:If you're dating online these days, here are ten ways you can spot a romance scammer.They want to leave the dating site immediately and use personal email or instant messaging to communicate with you.They make several spelling and grammar mistakes when communicating.They send a personal photo that looks like something from a [...]

Why Online Dating No Longer Works

Here Is The Typical Scenario … Some guy or gal goes onto an online dating website, and creates a profile … They are hopeful and want the process to succeed.  They want to find a great person, and be able to make a new friend, and perhaps even more. Sounds great right? But what happens next … Depending upon the website, there can be anywhere from 10% to 95% of the profiles are operated by [...]

RSN™ Editorial: Open Letter To The Press

RSN™ Editorial: An Open Letter To The Press About Romance Scams Isn't It Astounding? Here we have a multi US$Billion industry running wild scamming anyone they want - literally millions of victims worldwide. Spreading from West Africa to Indonesia and Malaysia, from Russia to China, out of control. We used to be lucky if we got an arrest a month worldwide, but of course, now we are seeing large numbers of scammers being arrested. Yet, [...]