Here Is The Typical Scenario …

Some guy or gal goes onto an website, and creates a profile …

They are hopeful and want the process to succeed.  They want to find a great person, and be able to make a new friend, and perhaps even more.

Sounds great right?

But what happens next …

Depending upon the website, there can be anywhere from 10% to 95% of the profiles are operated by African or Asian Dating Scammers (according to our testing).  As a new member, you are shown in a list of new members, and these are the ones the scammers target most.  They know you are not yet experienced in their ways and are most vulnerable.

The rest of this is, you will meet someone who cares for you, and may ever sound wonderful.  But it is all a scam.

When you discover this, you will be feeling not particularly happy about the whole experience.  Depending upon how far down the rabbit hole you went, you could be heart-broken, or at the very least very angry.  Partly angry at yourself for being stupid to believe them, and if you sent them money as they always want, even angrier for doing that.

Scammers cause feelings of shame, self-hatred and loathing, rejection, and even worse – the sense that there is no one for you.

The loneliness that comes from being a victim of dating and romance scams can be profound.  

One U.K. study found that being a victim of increases the probability of suicide by a factor of 5.

The staggering statistic is just this, EVERYONE that uses online dating has connected with a scammer.  They may not have gotten far with them, but they did meet them.

In no other business in the world is there that kind of average for crime!


Just imagine what New York City would be like if EVERY PERSON that walked down EVERY STREET met a mugger?  Maybe you were smart enough to avoid them, but they were there regardless.  Can you just imagine the outcry?

This is what is happening in online dating today!

What is worse, the dating site operators and owners know this.  Some do very