Tell you friends that they have to stop making friends with every unknown person that asks them!

Tell them that when they give an unknown person access to their profile, they also give them access to your profile and your friends, and so on, and so on …

Tell them, they should treat unknown friend requests just like unprotected contact with strangers in real life!

Tell them they are also giving them access to the children that may be online too in your friends list!


It’s really just that simple. Most people on Facebook don’t have the profiles protected against privacy leaks, even though Facebook is doing a better job than ever to help them.

So the fact is that once you let a scammer into your friends list, they have access to everyone that is there. This includes even the children that you have on your Facebook list.

What adult would knowingly allow criminals access to their friends? Well, most of the people that you know are doing it right now, including the kids!

It is not hard to do this. Go through all of the privacy options in your profile and lock it down to “Friends, not acquaintances” – then go through your Friends List and remove (unfriend) everyone you don’t personally know in real life (especially everyone with a questionable profile). Ask your friends and family to help you, they may be able to spot out-of-place profiles better than you!

In the end, it is up to all of us to help our friends solve their Social Incontinence.

You can be their Depends! ;)

Friends Don't Let Friends Friend Scammers - Let Your Friends Depend On You!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Friend Scammers – Let Your Friends Depend On You!