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” All consumer businesses have a duty to protect their customers, but for an industry as personal as online dating, it is of utmost importance.

Scammers and online frauds present one of the biggest threats to the safety and privacy of online dating consumers.

There are countless stories of the irrevocable damage done to people’s lives at the hands of these criminals, who lurk on dating sites, preying on unsuspecting singles.

And not only are these frauds incredibly damaging to the victims, they are also extremely harmful to the reputation of the industry as a whole, and therefore bad for business.

Taking steps to improve the defenses of online dating services, and keeping up to date with the latest scams, is a must for every company that wants to improve the industry.

In this report, and in collaboration with , we will cover the issue of scammers and dating fraud, looking at the latest trends, the various types of fraud, the latest anti-scammer technology, and the cost of scammers to your business. “

According to the Report:

“When the security of the online channel is imp