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RSN™ Editorial: An About Romance Scams

Isn’t It Astounding?

Here we have a multi US$Billion industry running wild scamming anyone they want – literally millions of victims worldwide. Spreading from West Africa to Indonesia and Malaysia, from Russia to China, out of control. We used to be lucky if we got an arrest a month worldwide, but of course, now we are seeing large numbers of scammers being arrested.

Yet, The Major Newspapers Of The World Mostly Ignore This Topic!

The New York Times runs about ONE ARTICLE PER YEAR on Romance Scams! Some have nearly none.

Why Is That?

Is it about advertising? Because they make revenue from Dating Websites or Social Media that actually foster the Romance Scams themselves?

Perhaps It Is Just Ignorance Of The Size And Scope Of This Problem.

There are millions of victims in the United States alone, and countless millions more in Europe, Australia, Canada, and elsewhere.

Perhaps We Need To Bring This To Their Attention?

So we ask the news media to pay attention to this problem. This matters more than almost any story you are covering because there are SO MANY VICTIMS!

Do you want more viewers, focus on Dating and other online scams? It matters, and the only solution is awareness.

You are dropping the ball, but you can pick it back up and make a difference!

Are you willing?

Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

RSN Team

a division of SCARS
Miami Florida U.S.A.


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