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Facebook 10 Year Challenge Scam/Hoax – a SCARS™ Special Report

SCARS™ Special Report: Facebook 10 Year Challenge Scam/Hoax 10 Year Challenge: A Social media Scam Or A Funny Memes Post? If you frequently use Social media, you must have noticed a trend in the past two weeks of people posting their selfies side-by-side, one at current age in 2019 and another one from ten years ago, 2009. Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Isla Fisher, Ryan Seacrest, etc. all are seen promoting this [...]

The facial recognition databases are coming.

The facial recognition databases are coming. Why aren’t the privacy laws?  Now that the US supreme court is finally considering cellphones, let’s get ahead of Moore’s Law and defend our new metadata The FBI estimates that it will store over 50m faces images by 2015 in a market that will be worth $20bn by the end of the decade [...]