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10 Year Challenge: A Social media Scam Or A Funny Memes Post?

If you frequently use Social media, you must have noticed a trend in the past two weeks of people posting their selfies side-by-side, one at current age in 2019 and another one from ten years ago, 2009.

Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Isla Fisher, Ryan Seacrest, etc. all are seen promoting this challenge. It is fun to see actors and giant businessman making fun of themselves in this 10-year-challenge.

As a result, we are now witnessing the first viral trend of 2019 that started on Facebook but also storming on Instagram and Twitter. The fad seen on Facebook and Instagram prompted people to post their side-by-side selfies with caption #10yearchallenge.

Is The 10 Year Challenge A Scam?

According to reports from Web Analysts, this challenge generated more than 5 million Facebook interactions just in three days which is a record. On the contrary, security experts are reminding people not to share the pictures because Facebook is using this data for their data mining purposes.

Tech expert like Kate O’Neill described this challenge as a nefarious process of data mining because Facebook 10 year challenge is helping in the advancement of image recognition algorithms.

Twitter Post About The 10 Year Challenge

Twitter Post About The 10 Year Challenge


Several reports suggest that Facebook already has photographic data of each FB users. But, chronological order is missing! Additionally, Facebook might use this data to develop algorithms that could benefit in image recognition of all Facebook users.

People via this challenge are writing out the exact year of difference in the photos and unknowingly making the margin of error in the Facebook facial recognition algorithm much slighter.

In many versions of the meme, people even got instructions to post their first profile picture. This information is very important as it can help to train algorithms in age-related characteristics and progressions.

In other words, Facebook 10 year challenge mines data (especially images) and would help only if users have a simple, clean labeled set of photos (then-and-now).

Due to Facebook challenge,