Many have asked “What Can We Do” after they have been scammed.

We actually have had hundreds of scammers identified to their local governments. However, this is totally dependent on the country the operate from. So it is a long hard road.

Actually, though, you have many options.

First you should ALWAYS file local police reports for the individual scams – so you have it documented, if nothing else it is a tax deduction in the U.S.
If you live in the U.S. you should then file an Internet Crime Report – here is how to do it: Most Western Countries have similar agencies to take your information.
Be sure that each scammer has been reported here: This is so that other potential victims can learn and avoid that scammer.
You can also file a complaint directly with the Ghanaian or Nigerian Police (you could get lucky, but you will never get your money back): or We file complaints for every reported scammer if we get enough information.
However, there is another kind of action. File a law suit – do it in a local court against the government of the country in question (African Country). You will get a LOT of attention, and the cost is actually very low. Charge them will negligence and anything else that your attorney can think of. After all it is their failure to enforce their own laws that led to your loss. And in civil court the Defendant is presumed GUILTY until proven innocent (unlike criminal courts). Remember your goals: Shame the country of origin; shame and publicize the scammers; shame the dating website (do not name the website as a defendant in the suit – they have money and will fight back); use public opinion aggressively – contact the press. You might get a judgment and surprisingly, these countries have assets in the U.S. that you might seize. Your total cost for the suit could be a couple of thousand, but the upside is actually huge if you win.
Another important point, is name everybody that you know about. They have to use real names to receive the money from you. When filing your local and national criminal complaints, this will also help prevent them from ever visiting your country as tourists, and if they do, they can be prosecuted for the fraud.
Remember, you may have been victimized, but you don’t have to remain a victim!

Fight back!

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