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Linda Elloy lindaelloy@yahoo.com Nigerian in Hollywood Florida

An Example Scammer Profile

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Some Scams Go In Different Directions

Here is an Example of a Romance Scams but based around “Her” Business

This Romance Scammer Is:

Linda Elloy (a.k.a. Linda KKL)
Birthdate: January 30 1977 (37 years old)  [on other sites she says it is 12-Apr-1977]
2854 STIRLING ROAD , STE O, Hollywood, FL 33020  (actually a Nigerian in the U.K.)
Phone: 1 (305) 330-2905

Says she is in Malaysia for the death of her mother! And she only needs a couple of thousand to buy a plane ticket!

What makes this different is the level of background story development and creation of supporting online websites and profiles (see below).

The Scammer’s Written Description Information

On Dating Websites & Social Media:

I am a true romantic and believe that there is such a thing as a soul mate, but they are not easily found… out of millions of people those 2 souls must meet by chance and circumstance. I believe that you should consider your soul mate, your best friend and be able to talk about any and everything, not feel strange if there is silence between you. I feel true love and connection doesn’t require constant talking, as a glance or longing stare says every thing and more than words could ever convey. I believe in holding hands, and public displays of affection, as I would want everyone to know that the person who I am with is truly special to me. I believe that being able to be your true self with someone with out judgment is one of the best things in life.

I love cooking, going to the beach, Although i haven’t gone to the beach in a long time now.. stay home listening to a country or romantic song, I enjoy love storys

I’m really looking for Someone Honest, Caring, Romantic, Kind, possesses Great Sense of Humor, Loyal, gentle, cheerful, Has the fear of God in hear life, responsible,someone that still believes in true love, Affectionate, Passionate, Understanding, Intelligent, Respectful and Trust Worthy

Of course, we see the usual scammer grammar.


LINDA’s Personal Statement:

I was born by a great family from Peru, a dropped out from college university and start doing mum business, I have been travel to Asia country for Business and it well know, Planning to have a great and own my company in future

Chats & Messages:

Thank you for your message, How was your night? I am glad to
read from you and I do like to chat and get to know more about
you.. If age then we can write and get to know more about each
other.. Here is my email lindaelloy@yahoo.com..Hope to read more
from you

Thank you for your message, Yes Elloy is my last name but I am not
from Time Machine.. I got your email and I sent you message so let
me know by reply back to me if you get my message to you in email..
But if not then you can drop me a line in my email and I will reply
back to you in time lindaelloy@yahoo.com


This one takes the slow approach – she waits a couple of weeks before asking for money!  This is the evolution of a scam…

Well I am a nice lady and hard working as well Not a lazy lady as you can see what you Google me you can see more about what i do for living, I still have another online store apart from that one you see, I am into Fabric and Jewelry as well but still working on the site for now till I get back to state.  Well my dad from Peruvian and Mom from Asia so you can see as mixed as I am.  I do like to write and let you know more about me ..I am real and want a true love, Someone that i can get along in good with and spend the rest of my life with.  I do like to know you more and more..Tell me


Well my dad from Peruvian and Mom from Asia so you can see as mixed as I am.  I do like to write and let you know more about me ..I am real and want a true love, Someone that i can get along in good with and spend the rest of my life with.  I do like to know you more and more..Tell me

Yes I am not in Florida now, I left 3 days ago to meet my mom lawyer so I am now in Malaysia but we be back as soon as I get things done here.. I do grew up in Malaysia but also have little time in Peru as well

Yes I am here to meet with my mom lawyer and I would be back in 3 weeks time..Like you see I have my business in FL so I have to get back as soon as possible.  So what you going to tell me more about you and your business, Life and family?

How was your day? Do you having a nice weekend with you and your family? I want to let you know that we can keep message to each other and when we see things working fine then we can get to know more about each other.  We don’t need to move fast but day by day we can get to know more about each other, So what is your plan for the future and have you found any lady yet?

I would be back so we both can meet then, My business is short down for a while but as soon as I get back to state then i would get it back I do have photo as well

Good morning and how was your night? Do you have a good night sleep and sweet dream? I will be back by 17th as soon as I get things done here, My mom passed away and she also a Malaysia so I am here to meet her lawyer as to know what to do about her business and other things that she left behind .  I am with the lawyer today but there is a lot of things and now I am not happy

Well i do know what is all about life, the ups and downs but that is just for little time as I know things is going to work well better in future. I am going to let you know all that is going on about me.  I am going to let you know all about the meeting with the lawyer tomorrow.  Thanks for been there and ready to help me , I can see you such a nice to be with and spend the rest of my life with. I can’t wait to get back to state so that both of us can meet in person..  What is things you doing today?

I do really glad to read from you., I am so sorry for your parent lost as I too know how it painful to loose someone that we love or like so much, I am very please to meet you and like i told you that I am a lady with honest and ready to meet with you as soon as I get things done here in Malaysia.  I am going to meet with the Lawyer this morning and I will get back to you to let you know what is all about our meeting, Do remember that I said I will tell you all about it and nothing to hide.   I will be back soon

I know you will be sleeping by now but just want to message to you that I am back from the meeting, I do really need to let you know what is going on so message me when you get my message so that I can tell you more.  You have a  sweet dream

I am here not good, I sent you message when I back back from the lawyer meeting but I didn’t read back from you since then. I am not happy now as I am so sad and crying

The lawyer said before things can be done I do have to fill a form and have someone that can stand for me and also I am broke as there are some fees that I needed to pay so that they can work more on things doing here.I am going to get back to state like I told you but what is going on now may not allow me unless I have settle it all

Good morning and how was your night? Thank you for the message but I don’t no what to do now, I have to find way and I don’t have money for ticket back, I want to ask if you can help me and I will return it back to you as soon as I get back to state

Thank you for your message but I do have one trip not a round but now I do want to get back and I have told you some airliner that want to get me seat but it all about money, If you can help me send the money to me and I will get it book as soon as possible.

I am still waiting to read back from you Tim so that I can know what to do as soon as you get ready to help me out, I am going to return the money back to you as soon as possible. I am promising you that

Why you buy ticket over there, I am not a bay, I can do it here myself if you do want to help me do please in time and let me get back

I know you don’t no me and that is why you don’t want to have trust in me but I am not hiding anything from you as you too can see that before we start talking on here. It just of the little problem I am having here that why i asked you for help but if you can’t change that i would understand you .

I just don’t understand all this from you, My store is there and I always get message from them so who is telling you that they don’t no me, Please stop all this because i asked you for help you started saying all this, That is my number and no one else is for it ok. I don’t drive so where to get driver’s  licence ? Do you want to fake it or what you talking about? Is this just because I asked you for help? if that then you can hold your money

Haha I am laughing at you, The Florida that I have been for some years back now you saying I don’t have business there …You are a liar and this let me know that you just not the man that I want in my life..

It makes it clear that not all scammers are alike. Some work on long-cons, while others go for a quick payoff

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