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Saving Scammers’ Current Victims

It Starts With You!

Victims are everywhere!
Scammers are everywhere!

When you find a scammer profile you will see people commenting or friending that profile. These are men or women who are believing that the face in the photo is real. These are either already victims (and may just not know it yet) or are just waiting to be scammed.

You can do something about this!

It is very simple! It is just about taking personal responsibility for the safety of others and rescuing them from scammers.

This procedure really applies to victims on Facebook, but can be applied to any social media, dating, or other website too!

How This Process Works?

When you see a potential victim on what you believe to be a scammers profile:

  • First make sure that the profile IS A SCAMMER! Remember, you are making a criminal accusation against that person. If you do not feel you are sure, then back off – this applies to reporting scammers too. If you have questions, ask an anti-scam professional, a Member, or an RSN/SCARS Employee.
  • Observe the comments and interactions of the person you believe needs help. See what they are saying or commenting. If you see they appear to be actively engaged with the profile’s identity or if you can see if they are a “Friend” of that profile – then take action. This will he