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The Face In The Photo: Leave The Real Person Alone!

We Are Constantly Asked By Victims To Identify The Person In The Photo That They Fell In Love With

They want to save them, or tell them how they feel, or tell them their photo is being used by scammers.

Trust us, they already know their photos have been stolen by scammers!

It Doesn’t Matter Who He Or She Is, His Or Her Photo Was Stolen By Scammers

You have to understand that you do not have a relationship with a real person.

That Face Is Fake!

We understand that you are fixated on that face, but the real person is a victim too and does not want to hear from anyone.

Most of the time the person in the photo already knows they are being used by scammers because they are constantly contacted by people claiming to be in love with them, or wanting them to know all about their scam experience.

They Do Not Want To Hear From You, Because They Are Also A Victim

Anyone that does not accept this, and tries to contact the person pictured is causing just as much harm as the scammer. The people who have been impersonated do not want to hear from other victims. Their lives have been ruined by the scammer as much as yours has. All you will be doing is driving home how they have lost