Estafa Nigeriana

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: End Of The Road For ‘Yahoo-yahoo’ Boys, Others In Edo

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: End Of The Road For ‘Yahoo-yahoo’ Boys And Others In Edo Nigeria Extracted from They are young, desperate, and unhappy with the society. Like every young adult, they crave for the best life can offer. However, choosing the wrong path of Internet Fraud, they end up getting arrested and paraded among others by men of the State Edo Police command, recently. PATRICK OCHOGA (Benin City) writes. It was like a celebration of [...]

RSN™ Guide: Knowing Your Enemy

RSN™ Guide: Knowing Your Enemy In order to effectively fight an enemy, you have to understand them. We monitor the media in Western Africa for these insights - how scammers live, how they think, and their tricks and techniques. Here is a guide that was published to show new scammers how to get started: Becoming A Yahoo Boy in Nigeria: Easy Steps So you’ve searched our cyberspace, looking for how to become a yahoo boy [...]

[SPANISH / EN ESPAÑOL] – Estafa Nigeriana

Estafa Nigeriana La estafa nigeriana, timo nigeriano o timo 419 se lleva a cabo principalmente por correo electrónico no solicitado. Adquiere su nombre del número de artículo del código penal de Nigeria que viola, ya que buena parte de estas estafas provienen de ese país. Esta estafa consiste en ilusionar a la víctima con una fortuna inexistente y persuadirla para que pague una suma de dinero por adelantado, como condición para acceder a la supuesta [...]