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DEFINITION: YORUBA DEMON #YorubaDemon A Yoruba demon is typically a young man of Yoruba descent who has the uncanny gift to effortlessly make ladies fall head over heels in love with him. He is naturally a gifted smooth talker and a Casanova and prides himself in being able to acquire a huge follower-ship of female admirers and side chicks. He is gifted at absolving himself of any responsibility in his relationships. Generally, he is a [...]

Warn Your Daughters Against Dating ‘Yahoo Boys’

Warn Your Daughters Against Dating ‘Yahoo Boys’ – Senior Policeman Tells Parents An Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Abayomi Shogunle, has warned parents against allowing their daughters to date internet fraudsters infamously called ‘Yahoo Boys’. The senior policeman said girlfriends of internet fraudsters inadvertently get caught up in the violence and charms associated with their boyfriends’ “illicit venture”, hence the warning. Shogunle, who is the Head of the Police Complaints Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU), made [...]

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: No Money Left For Poor Yahoo Yahoo Boys!

RSN™ SCAM NEWS: No Money Left For Poor Yahoo Yahoo Boys! Poor Scammers, The Money Is Drying Up! Don't believe it for a second. This is part of a reputation management campaign by business and government in Nigeria. Expect a lot more articles about how scamming is coming to an end. But in truth, a lot of it is shifting to other locations such as Mauritius. Click On The Title In The Content Box Below [...]